Pulver-Aktivkohle Aktiwa® CSK (6 kg Beutel)

Pulver-Aktivkohle Aktiwa® CSK (6 kg Beutel)

6 kg Sack
Hersteller : Hydrotec Hande Ls GmbH

€5.95 / kg
Excl. 19% Tax
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Kategorie : Filtermaterial
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Additional Information

Additional Information

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Seller Informations
Sold by: Tricura GmbH & Co. KG

As a system provider for water care & cleaning, technology & pool equipment and wellness, we already carry our philosophy in the company name.

The symbiosis of a three-parted product range (Tri) and the premise that we want to look after our customers professionally (cura) makes us a reliable partner. Someone who understands your business.
Without compromises. But with individual advice, great saving potential and absolute budget guarantee.

Our business areas for public swimming pools and professional watertreatment facilities are:

- Water Care & Cleaning

Water disinfection

PH corrective



Filtering materials

- Technology and pool equipment

Maintenance of the complete water technology

Dosing technology for gas, liquids and solids

Technical emergency service

Chlorine gas maintenance

Swimming pool and trinking water pumps

Measuring and control technology

New construction and renovation of basins

Filter renovations

Pipeline engineering

+49 (0) 441 379 489 00





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