OTech Aero - Silver conductive ink, particle-free metallization ink

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OTech Aero - Silver conductive ink, particle-free metallization ink
Synonyms : silver ink, conductive ink, metallization ink, metallization liquid
OTech Aero - Silver ink for highly conductive electrodes

OTech Aero is a specially developed silver conductive ink for aerosol spray printing. It enables the coating of 3D objects and non-flat surfaces. This ink can be used as a seed layer in an electroplating process, as well as for decorative purposes.

OrelTech’s unique formulation allows printing and aerosol spraying of metallic thin films. Printed layers undergo short development (curing) using cold plasma treatment resulting in a fine metal structure. OTech inks do not contain nanoparticles and are significantly environmentally friendlier than the alternatives on the market. Our technology enables much more cost-effective production of metal electrodes and coatings.

Other metal inks like gold or platinum are also available on request.
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- Coating and patterning by inkjet, slot-die or aerosol printing and dip coating
- Low-temperature process
- Printing on polymers, glasses and active materials
- Very flexible
- No solid or liquid waste
- Environmentally friendly
- Cost-efficient solution
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Additional Information

GHS Signal Word Warning
Hazard Statements H226, H272, H314, H318
Precautionary Statements Standard lab protective equipment is advised.
Condition New
Produced in Europe
State of matter liquid
GHS-Pictogramme GHS 03  GHS 05  GHS 07  GHS 09
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Sold by: OrelTech - High Performance Conductive Inks

Rockstar of printed electronics.

OrelTech has developed a unique and versatile metallization technology that outperforms its competitors in price, simplicity, material efficiency, and environmental friendliness. OrelTech's conductive inks can be generated in one step and can be processed with conventional printing methods, such as inkjet printers. 

For example, the inkjet process can be used to easily insert transparent conductive paths into touch displays, OLEDs, or flexible solar cells, and circuits can be printed on any two- and three-dimensional surface from paper to 3D chips. Even expensive precious metals, such as platinum and gold - for example for fuel cell membranes and sensors in medicine - can be applied much thinner and therefore more material-effectively than in previous thin-film processes. This is not only more cost-efficient but also more environmentally friendly.


Rockstar gedruckter Elektronik




OrelTech hat eine einzigartige und vielseitige Metallisierungstechnologie entwickelt, die ihre Wettbewerber in Preis, Einfachheit, Materialeffizienz und Umweltfreundlichkeit übertrifft. OrelTechs leitende Tinten und Fluide lassen sich in einem Arbeitsschritt generieren und können mit herkömmlichen Druckverfahren, wie z.B. Inkjet-Druckern verarbeitet werden.


So können sich z.B. im Inkjet-Prozess transparente Leiterbahnen in Touch-Displays, OLEDs oder flexible Solarzellen einfach einbringen lassen, und Schaltkreise können auf jedwede zwei- und dreidimensionale Oberfläche von Papier bis 3D-Chip gedruckt werden. Auch teure Edelmetalle, wie Platin und Gold – etwa für Brennstoffzellenmembranen und Sensoren in der Medizin – lassen sich mit dem Verfahren weit dünner, und damit materialsparender aufbringen als in bisherigen Dünnschichtprozessen. Das ist nicht nur kosteneffizienter, sondern auch umweltfreundlicher.




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