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Are you a seller of chemicals or offer services related to chemicals? Then chembid is the right choice for you. chembid is a global online search engine for chemicals and services for commercial buyers and sellers. By presenting your products in the chembid search engine you easily and efficiently expand your digital reach.

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To offer products and services through chembid, you can create a user account in a few steps here on the chembid marketplace. Once you have been verified by chembid, all the functions of the platform will be available to you. You can either manually or automatically upload your products and services onto the chembid marketplace, then your products and services can be found on the chembid search engine. Your products will be highlighted for the best findability. chembid helps you find new customers and increase sales!
It is free to set up a user account and to offer your products on chembid.

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  • Expand your range
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  • Save on resources for E-commerce and online marketing
  • Improve efficiency in sales and marketing
  • New distribution channels
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