For Suppliers

Benefit daily from several thousand buyers

What is chembid?

chembid is a global search engine that enables the commercial purchase and sale of chemical products in the face of advancing digitization over the Internet. For years business in the chemical industry is based largely on business relationships, without the buyers having an overview of other product offerings, chembid has set itself a transparent market for chemical products and services. The traditional search for offers of chemical products and services involves a lot of effort. With chembid, however, business is easier, faster and more efficient.

What advantages does chembid offer me?

As a provider, you benefit from the chembid search engine by ...

  • ... range increase, as thousands of buyers access the chembid search engine every day.
  • ... the opportunity to acquire new customers quickly and easily.
  • ... new and modern sales channels.
  • ... the saving of financial resources that would be incurred in running your own webshop.
  • ... a sales increase.
  • ... a free way to distribute your chemical products effectively over the Internet.


All features currently available on chembid for suppliers are and will remain free of charge. These include registering an account on our marketplace, listing chemicals (including file upload), receiving enquiries and participating in tenders. In the future, there will be paid premium features, which will further increase the benefits of the platform for suppliers!

How do I use chembid? 

To use chembid, click on the link text "Account" above. On this page, under "Register", select the "Create an Account" button. Once you have registered as a supplier and have been successfully verified by chembid, you would have access to the marketplace features. With this you can create your own product offers and forward them to the chembid team for review. You have the choice of whether to create the offers manually by giving quotation-relevant information or automatically by means of a file upload. Regardless which way you choose: once your offer has been approved, several hundred potential buyers can access your products every day. Why don't try out our marketplace features right now?

You want more?

Do you want to optimize your online marketing to drive your online business forward? With chembidX you have a reliable partner who can help you do this. The exclusive chembidX service, which includes marketing services such as online marketing campaigns, research and analytics tools, and digital strategy plans, gives you a tailored solution. The data-driven marketing services combine the expertise of the chemical industry with the digital marketing know-how to ensure that your business can realize its full potential. chembidX obtains the necessary information from the large database of product and supplier information as well as the search and purchasing behavior of the buyers, after they have been made useful by using modern data analytics methods.

Interest sparked? Contact us now via email! We will then create an offer tailored to your online business.