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What is chembid?

chembid is a global search engine that enables the commercial purchase and sale of chemical products in the face of advancing digitization over the Internet. For years business in the chemical industry is based largely on business relationships, without the buyers having an overview of other product offerings, chembid has set itself a transparent market for chemical products and services. The traditional search for offers of chemical products and services involves a lot of effort. With chembid, however, business is easier, faster and more efficient.

What advantages does chembid offer me?

As a buyer, you benefit from the chembid search engine by ...

  • ... the access to product offerings at any time, from any where and completely conveniently over the Internet.
  • ... a diversified, yet clearly structured range of chemical products from all over the world.
  • ... the ability to make purchases in minutes.
  • ... the sophisticated chembid filter functions, which allow a quick and transparent comparison between offers.


All features currently available on chembid for buyers are and will remain free of charge. These include searching for chemicals and plastics, submitting enquiries and creating tenders. In the future, there will be paid premium features, which will further increase the benefits of the platform for buyers!

How can I use chembid? 

To use chembid, you can access the home page using the magnifying glass icon above. There, depending on whether you are looking for a product or a provider, select the respective option and enter your search term. The intelligent search algorithm checks your query for all relevant results and determines the desired product offers from a variety of global web shops and marketplaces. You can then use the sophisticated chembid filter function to specify your search for selected marketplaces, providers or quality labels.

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