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What is chembid?

chembid is a global search engine that enables the commercial purchase and sale of chemical products in the face of advancing digitization over the Internet. For years business in the chemical industry is based largely on business relationships, without the buyers having an overview of other product offerings, chembid has set up a transparent market for chemical products and services. The traditional search for offers of chemical products and services involves a lot of effort. With chembid, however, business is easier, faster and more efficient.

For whom is chembid suitable?

chembid is aimed at commercial buyers  and sellers  of chemical products and services. The functions of chembid are geared towards buyers, manufacturers, dealers and service providers. Excluded, however, is the use of private individuals.

What is chembid search engine?

chembid is a metasearch engine. Measured by its registered product offerings, it is the world's largest search platform for chemical products and services. While providers  use the chembid search engine to increase their reach, attract new customers and save resources for their own online shop, buyers  benefit from high market transparency and an intuitive search engine. The latter allows buyers to compare offers and transactions in seconds.

What is chembid marketplace?

The chembid marketplace allows commercial providers to upload products and services either manually or by uploading a file. The offer can be found for all users via the chembid search engine after being checked by the chembid team. Please refer to our notes below in order to attract as many interested users to your offer as possible.

What is chembidX?

chembidX is a service for commercial suppliers of chemical products. Combining the broad expertise of the chemical industry and the digital marketing know-how, chembid aims to empower suppliers in the form of exclusive marketing services such as online marketing campaigns, research and analytics tools, and digital strategy plans to advance and optimize their chemicals business.

What are the costs of using the chembid services?

The basic functions of the chembid search engine as well as the marketplace functions are and remain free of charge for buyers and suppliers.

Do I have to register to use chembid?

Registration brings advantages, but it is not necessary for the use of the chembid search engine. Only the use of the chembid marketplace requires a user account, so that created product and service offers can be processed after their creation in the marketplace and chembid can verify the registered users as suppliers.

For suppliers

General questions

Do I have to register as a supplier of chemical products in order to use chembid?

In order to access the chembid marketplace and thus provide product and service offerings, you need an user account. This ensures that you can edit your offer even after your creation in the marketplace. Furthermore, the confirmation of the user via a user account makes it easier for the chembid team to check the created offers.

Why can’t I change all the profile information in my user account?

Certain profile information you have provided during registration cannot be changed afterwards. This is for protection to ensure that your account can not be misused by third parties. If there is anything you want to change, please contact us so that we can make the change for you.

Questions about setting up the user account

When setting up my user account, I am asked to provide the "shop URL". What is this exactly?

The shop URL is a web address in the chembid search engine. As soon as you advertise products or services using the marketplace, you can find all your offers via the shop URL. We recommend that you enter company names in lower case, special characters and spaces. A shop URL for "John Doe" could look like this: "[...] johndoechemicals [...]".

In order to create a user account, I have to give an indication next to "Title of the shop". What exactly is meant by this?

Please enter your company name in the text field next to "Title of the shop". Your company will be displayed on chembid under the name you enter in this text box. It is important that you enter your full business name. This makes it easier for all those interested buyer who want to call your products via the provider search.

Creation of products and services

How can I offer products or services on chembid?

The creation of products and services via the chembid marketplace can either be done manually or by means of an automatic file upload. The latter variant allows the simultaneous upload of multiple products. If you would like to submit your offers via the file upload, please contact us. In both variants, a subsequent processing of the respective product pages can be done.

What should I watch out for when I want to create products or services?

In order to benefit from the greatest possible number of users, we recommend that you provide the fullest possible information when creating products and services. As much as product descriptions may seem trivial, for example, basic chemicals, they are important in attracting potential customers' attention and alerting them to specifics. The same applies to pictures. Pictures can illustrate the information you provided. So substantial information as well as pictures are important, so that your chembid offers can also be found on other search engines. A well thought-out and content-enriched offer not only enhances the initiation of a business, but also promotes the acquisition of new customers via appropriate search engine optimization.

Product configuration & quality requirements

How do I make sure my products are found on chembid as well?

To get as many users as possible to your product pages, you should at least note the following points when creating your supplier account and the product offers:

  • Always include a product description for each offer.
  • Fill in all text fields of the category "Product details" with the corresponding text, as far as this is possible.
  • Create a meaningful supplier profile with your company logo. Also note that you have an imprint and legal notices.

Convenient for the sale, but not mandatory are ...

  • prices. Even if fixed prices cannot always be specified, a price range serves as a point of orientation for the buyer to inquire about the exact price at a given time.
  • product images. Product images illustrate the product description and favour the sale. If you do not have product images, a placeholder will be displayed instead of the image.

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