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Who should use chembid?

The target group of chembid are commercial buyers and sellers of chemicals as well as service providers in this industry. chembid is not aimed for private individuals.

What is chembid search engine?

The chembid search engine is an innovative and highly-specialized search engine. Companies can quickly and easily find chemicals and services with the help of an intelligent global search - from a large selection of thousands of offers. With product- and vendor-specific filter functions, you can personalize your search and find the product you are looking for quickly at the right conditions

How much does it cost?

The search, registration and use of chembid are free.

Do I need to register as a buyer?

No, registering as a buyer is not necessary. All basic functions are available to you without registration.


What is chembid marketplace?

At chembid marketplace, sellers have the possibility to create a user account and to submit their products and services manually or automatically. If the products and services are submitted to the marketplace, they can also be found on the chembid search engine. In addition, your products and services are highlighted for the best findability, provided certain requirements are met. This will lead to increased attention to your products and services.

Do I need to register as a seller?

If you want to feature your products and company on chembid, it is necessary to set up a user account and related registration.

Why can’t all profile settings be edited?

In order to prevent fraud, not all profile settings can be edited directly by the users of the chembid marketplace. If you wish to change a restricted setting, please send us a message with the registered E-mail address to We will then make the change for you.

Creating a Profile

What does shop URL mean when creating a profile?

Enter your business name as the shop URL in lowercase without umlauts, special characters and spaces. For example, the shop URL for “Max Müstermann Chemikalien” is maxmuestermannchemikalien.

What is the title of the shop when you create a profile?

Enter your full company name as the title of the shop. Your company is displayed on the marketplace under this name. The title of the shop is displayed on the individual product pages (sale by: shop title). In addition, this title will be displayed in the browser tab when your profile is visited.

Submitting Products/Services

Product upload

Uploading a product can be performed manually or automatically. If you want to upload your products automatically, simply contact us. In addition, you can personalize the individual product pages with texts and configurations.

What should be taken into consideration when submitting new products and services?

If you are adding new products or services, we have some tips for you. Even if product texts for basic chemicals do not seem to be a big priority at first, we recommend that you include at least a short text. In addition to increased customer friendliness and differentiation from other sellers, this effort could reach other search engines besides chembid. The same can be said for pictures of corresponding products/services. Images convey seriousness and professionalism and could increase your chance to be found in other search engines.

Product Configuration
Through your own product configurations, you can customize your offer on the chembid marketplace. In order to obtain the most accurate inquiries, it is helpful to fill in the standard configurations such as the delivery quantity, packaging or, for example, the Incoterms. The available resources are briefly explained below:

Field: You can fill out the one-line, free-text field. This function is recommended for the query of summarized information, e.g. shipping quantity.

Area: You can freely expand this free-text field.

Radio Buttons: You can list various options from which prospective customers can select one of the listed options. This function can be helpful, e.g. to ask about the delivery terms.

Check Boxes: You can list different options from which prospective customers can select several of the listed options.

Dropdown: You can list various options from which prospective customers can select one of the listed options.

Multi-select: You can list different options from which prospective customers can select several of the listed options. This function can be helpful, e.g. to ask about the packaging requirements.

Requirements for Quality Search Results of Products
In order to highlight your products, at least the following points should be filled out:

  • At least one brief description should be entered. A longer description is not necessary, especially for basic chemicals.
  • If possible, all fields in the "Product Details" should be filled out.
  • In addition to filling out product details for the product profile page, the supplier should include their company logo, a description of the company, legal notices and an imprint for their company profile page.

Preferable, but not necessary:

  • Prices are difficult to specify due to market volatility. Nevertheless, it is advisable to use the option "Specify the price range" to give the prospective buyer an idea of how much it costs.
  • Picture(s) of the product(s) (If you do not upload a picture a default picture will be used.)

Do you have other questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us by E-mail at or by phone +49 441 36116-325.