About Us

chembid - the global search engine for chemicals 

Driven by the idea of ​​a globally transparent chemicals market, chembid has been pursuing the goal of organizing, preparing and making information about chemicals on the Internet accessible since its founding in 2016. With currently around two million offers from almost 100,000 supplier shops, chembid sees itself as an innovative interface for the commercial chemicals business. chembid's search engine is the world's largest search engine for chemicals – as measured by the number of registered chemicals offers. In order to expand the offer of the search engine continuously, chembid draws on a broad range of expert knowledge and the cooperation with numerous companies in the chemical industry.

Easier, faster and more efficient - search and find chemicals online 

Day after day, chembid helps thousands of buyers to find the right chemicals and suppliers and to close deals without much effort. Thanks to the intelligent search algorithm, you can access product offers tailored specifically to your needs with just a few mouse clicks. In combination with the sophisticated chembid filter function, which allows you to specify your search for selected marketplaces, suppliers or quality labels, chembid will supply you with customized product offerings. And if you do not find what you are looking for right away, you can use the Tender Tool to create vendor-targeted requests that suppliers can use to respond to your offers.

Create product offers in seconds 

In addition to allowing buyers to access worldwide product offerings, chembid enables suppliers  to create their own product offerings in just a few minutes in the chembid search engine. As part of the marketplace function, suppliers can provide prospective buyers with all relevant information about the to be offered chemical and submit the product offer to chembid. After being reviewed by the chembid team, the offers will be approved so potential buyers can find them in the search engine.

chembidX premium services - stay one step ahead of the competition 

The chembid team believes that many commercial suppliers of chemical products, such as manufacturers, distributors or service providers use only a fraction of their marketing potential. For this reason, chembidX  has created an online marketing service that combines the expertise of the chemical industry and the know-how of digital marketing. At chembidX.com you get through marketing services such as online marketing campaigns, research and analytics tools and digital strategy plans, tailored solutions for you and your products. The basis for the chembidX services is the large database of product and supplier information as well as the searching and purchasing behavior of buyers. chembidX makes this information useful by using modern data analytics methods. With chembidX, you have a strong and reliable online marketing partner by your side who will help you to drive and to optimize your online business through data-driven services.