Shell GTL Solvent GS 190

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Shell GTL Solvent GS 190
CAS-Nr. : 185857-36-7
Shell GTL Solvent GS190 is a member of the product range that is
derived from Gas-To-Liquid (GTL) technology . This technology delivers
highly paraffinic products of constant composition. GTL products are
typically very low in odour to even odourless . In addition sulphur,
olefins, and aromatics levels are very low and even undetectable.
Verkauf durch: ViVoChem B.V.
1.050,00 € / mt (FCA)
Zzgl. 19% USt.
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EG Nummer 940-726-3
Qualität/Grad Industrial Grade
Zustand Neu
Hergestellt in Europa
Aggregatzustand flüssig
Verkauf durch: ViVoChem B.V.

Your B2B partner for the distribution of (hazardous) chemical products needed for your production, delivered at the location of your choice. Private label possibilities. Safe, flexible, responsible.

Refilling chemical tankers in smaller sized packages (1000, 200, 20 kgs), according your needs. Directly distributed or safely stocked in an innovative chemical warehouse.

Your (hazardous) chemicals, responsibly stocked and managed, ready to be distributed upon your call.

Exporting your chemicals worldwide, filling the shipping container and taking care of the entire customs process, ready to assist you at your every need.


Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility take highest priority at ViVoChem.
That's why ViVoChem is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP and GMP+ certified.



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