Industrial Biotechnology in combination with Plant Biotechnology

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Industrial Biotechnology in combination with Plant Biotechnology
Looking for natural molecules, which aren't available in a quality that complies with your requirements? Phytowelt GreenTechnologies can solve your problem!
We combine molecular biology with plant biotechnology for industrial scales in different fields. We develop processes for our customers. Products out of these processen can be Flavors and Fragrances, active ingredients, raw materials and many other plant ingredients.
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20 years of experience in industrial and plant biotechnology. Our core competence and unique selling proposition is the combination of these two fields: We offer tailor-made solutions for your process, product and plants. Terpenes as well as phenylpropanes have a broad range of applications in the market and we can produce them. However, we are also able to offer you specific enzymes, higher yields as well as accelerated, stable production and breeding.
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Phytowelt GreenTechnologies GmbH is an internationally operating company with products and services in the fields of industrial and plant biotechnology for generating products like flavors & fragrances, food supplements, active ingredients and plant breeding by phytoinspiration. Our core competence since 1998 is the economical utilization of plant ingredients and their products via our platform technology phytomining as well as accelerated plant breeding without genetic engineering (phytodiversity). As a spin off from the Max-Planck-Institute for plant breeding the company success bases on our know-how and the enthusiasm of our team as well as our worldwide customer network.


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