Formic acid 85% GMP+

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Formic acid 85% GMP+
CAS-Nr. : 64-18-6
IBC 1000ltr.
Verkauf durch: ViVoChem B.V.
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EG Nummer 200-579-1
Qualität/Grad Feed Grade
Zustand Neu
Hergestellt in Europa
Aggregatzustand flüssig
Verkauf durch: ViVoChem B.V.

Chemistry is everywhere.
Chemistry creates, discovers and investigates. Provides solutions for people and the environment.

Chemistry is innovative and sustainable. That’s why it is of great importance that chemical products are distributed and stored properly.
Safe, reliable and efficiëntly. ViVoChem offers these conditions.

The knowledge and expertise of our employees result in an optimization of flexibility, service, environment and safety. ViVoChem exports a wide range of chemicals around the world, loads shipping containers and provides the necessary documents.

Quality and Corporate Social Responsibility take highest priority at ViVoChem.
Furthermore is ViVoChem ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP and GMP+ certified.



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